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Scot Fraser

Founder and Managing Partner

Mr. Fraser has over 25 years offshore experience unlocking global offshore basins. He is managing director of Ventura International Energy and former Strategy and Growth Exploration Manager at Shell and the Angola & Gabon Exploration Leader at Cobalt.

Heading Ventura International Energy, he worked extensively advising governments to build new E&P fiscal policy, advised PE companies on M&A targets and has advised the boards of Spectrum ASA and TGS Nopec on global strategy.

In Shell he led the Global E&P portfolio integration team during Shell/BG merger to shape the combined portfolio, investments and divestments to optimize portfolio returns and achieve $2Bn divestments target.

In Cobalt he shaped the exploration strategy and prospect identification of the Angola entry that resulted in over 2 billion barrels discovered commercial resource with 10X returns on investment after completion of the exploration phase.

Mr. Fraser holds a MS in Geology from University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

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